Ron Earl Phillips

Once and Future Books

Before I sleep (Novel, Work-in-Progress)

As a short story writer, there is always a forward thought of a longer work to come. Before I Sleep is a work-in-progress novel that has lingered since the writing The Needle and the Damage Done”. The concept is universal: the love of a parent for a child, and the lengths that parent would go to rescue or vindicate that child. It has has morphed over the last decade, but 2021 should see the novel complete and ready for query and representation.


Middle-aged JACK CREWS has just discovered he has an aggressive form of cancer. With a slim prognosis of recovery, Crews begins to reflect on the regrets of his life, a major one being the estrangement of his daughter AVA by his second wife, which sent his daughter running and alone to fend for herself in the world. Forgoing treatment, Crews is determined to find his daughter at any cost. What he finds will test his moral boundaries and push him to the edge of his mental and physical limits. Until Crews knows his daughter is safe, Jack Crews will not rest or relent. Before I Sleep is a rural thriller that deals with family, loss, poverty and addiction. It’s grit and violence is reminiscent of Donald Ray Pollock (The Devil All the Time) and Frank Bill (Donnybrook), but coupled with the heart of William Gay (Twilight).


Shotgun Honey Presents (Anthology)

Since 2012, in conjunction with Shotgun Honey, acting as primary anthologist, Ron Earl Phillips has helped to publish and curate four editions of of the anthology series Shotgun Honey Presents featuring established and upcoming crime writers.