Story of the Week: Until Again

As a new feature to the blog, I’m going to include a weekly story. Either my own or one that I found interesting during the week. This is an exercise in being more active with my site.

“Until Again” was written originally for Flash Fiction Friday, a weekly writing challenge that I had once moderated. We were given a photo prompt that week of an older man on a train. I’ve long lost the photo, but I remember the since of longing and loss coupled with his cloths which were somewhat youthful. You see the elderly, and vagrants too, and they are bundled up even on the hottest of days. So it started to percolate and turned into a story of a man who is lost and searching, and his circumstance turns out to be not what the narrator expected.

This was also back when I was writing about and exploring places I’d never been. I still haven’t been to NYC or ridden the subway.

I miss Flash Fiction Friday. Maybe it’s something I should revisit. That weekly prompt was stimulating.

Until next week, keep reading what you like. And if you’ve read an exceptional short story this week, leave me a note in the comments.

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