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  • Out The Door

    “He walked in and slid the photograph across my desk.” Lain Chandler’s words were tangled with anger and sorrow. I could see the emotions wrangled behind her wet eyes. Soft blue pools of confused emotion. The fresh makeup couldn’t hide that she’d been crying and her usually pressed dress was disheveled. She had come in […]

  • Father’s Day

    “What the hell, bitch?” The words rolled out of my aching jaw. I twisted my legs around, kicking Lila out of the bed. She screamed, crashing to the floor. All I heard was barking. I threw a pillow at her. “Shut up!” I wasn’t sure if I was completely asleep when Lila’s hand slammed into […]

  • Just Another Hero

    Alma Tucker settled into middle age with the comfort that escapes most women. Her festival queen days gone. Along with her wispy waist and cherry blond hair, replaced by broader curves and graying tresses. She was content with the way age had changed her body. Alma was her own woman. She gave me a smile […]

  • The Bagman

    “Are you sure he’s dead?” Dean Pauley drawled out again, mouth agape. He watched as I steadied the scalpel for the first cut. I didn’t know if I should try to explain to him again that his brother was indeed dead. If his simple mind could latch on to it. “Dean, you know he is. […]

  • Dancing Jesus

    “Are you a religious man?” Hearing the question read back, I felt a chill. A bit of panic. The bed was uncomfortable and my body ached every way possible. I tried to find a position that hurt just a little less. I nodded. “Yeah, that’s what the guys asked. We were going cross-town and he […]

  • On The Sly

    She was a sucker punch. Mr. Cowley didn’t see her coming. The red head just appeared curves and all with a blue dress on. Not his typical clientele. At Coglin’s, one of the nicer department stores in the city, Mr. Cowley, Senior Men’s Salesman, usually dealt with gentlemen of a certain stature, wealthy old geezers. […]

  • No Good Deed

    The mook’s third swing was a right cross. It connected like an anvil, slamming me against the dirty alleyway wall. I didn’t look up, but I was sure the big guy was wearing a shit-eating grin, confident that it was lights out for me. Anyone else, it would be. He had mitts bigger than any […]